Today my beloved parents visited me and Ilonka. My mother helped me out to do some finance stuff and after that we did the shooting on the KÖ. While my mother spend the evening with Ilonka on the couch, my dad and I watched Underworld in 3D at the cinema.

Until now I did not post a lot of family stuff here because it is too private for me. But my parents are really great and did and do so many things for me, I guess they have to be part of this project, too.

I want to say thank you for beeing always there for me and that you raised me up to the person who I am, with bright and dark sides. I love you!

Some technical:
I did a upright format out of 8 shots and stiched them together, to get this nice bokeh with just 50mm!

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Strobist info:
– 580 EXII @ 1/8 24mm 1/4 CTO into 28″ Apollo Westcott Softbox cam left
– 430 EXII @ 1/64 105mm bare cam left
– EOS 5D MKII @ 1/5 ISO 50
– EF 50 1.4 @ f/1.4
– triggered with Yongnuo RF-602