OK, before I started this project I had several things in my mind which could be a problem for the project. Work, illness or something else.

Today something happened which I could not imagine. I forgot my keys inside the car. I was so busy this morning and confused, so I forgot to take them out of the starter lock.

In addition it seems that the fucking ADAC has turned all the telephones off and I do not get help from them. So I have to wait, because I do not have a second key for my car.

Ah I forgot to tell you why this is a major problem for my project. At first I cannot drive around, OK there are trains and and I can call a cab. But, I have all my camera Equipment inside the car, which I carry around every day since the project started.

So I am a lucky boy and Markus borred his 5D MKII with the EF 24-70 2.8L to me and I could do this simple shot at least.

Lets hope the ADAC will answer calls tomorrow….

No strobist info.