I guess some of you may know, I have one simple rule: I don´t do bikes 🙂

What a weekend, I nearly slept all the day on saturday and so I was awake all night and nearly slept the whole sunday. But I first met with Markus and then Udo. I showed Udo some things about 3D Studio Max and after that he invited me for a great burger with fries at Space Burgers.

HMMM YAMMIE! In case you are in Düsseldorf, you have to taste the great burgers there! www.spaceburger.eu

After that we got out and there was snow! Yeah, incredible but snow! So I had to kill my plan to do a shooting with Ilonka, because it is really cold here right now and I dont want that she has to freeze while sitting on a wall and me doing pictures from here.

And so I visited my small bokehland called the KÖ (Königsallee) which is the most gorgeous place for bokeh and strobist shots, because of all the lights there. I love this place!

Press „L“ to see the snow!

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Strobist info:
– 430 EXII @ 1/16 24mm 1/4 CTO into Apollo Westcott Micro Softbox cam left
– 430 EXII @ 1/32 bare cam right
– EOS 5D MKII @ 1/10 ISO 100
– EF 50 1.4 @ f/1.4
– triggered with Yongnuo RF-602