Phew, what a weekend. Uwe and Ivo visited me and stayed over night from Friday till Sunday. We where on the exhibition Boot, ate something yesterday evening with some other under water photographers and had a lot of fun and chat at my home.

So what can I tell about them? I guess they are the most important persons who changed my photographic development. Why? My father and I booked one week of diving safari in 2008. I had a Powershot S5IS in an Ikelite under water housing and did not really know what or how to do something with it. But I thought it was good 🙂 They where on this safari, too and after the dives in the evening I talked with them and saw the pictures they shot on the same diving spots. I was fascinated by their results and that was the time I changed my mind for taking pictures. Even a good friendship developed since that and I spent some more vacancies with Ivo.

I am glad I met you and want to say thank you for everything!

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Strobist info:
– 580 EXII @ 1/2 24mm 1/4 CTO into 50″ Apollo Westcott Softbox cam right
– 430 EXII @ 1/32 105mm bare cam left
– 430 EXII @ 1/32 105mm bare cam right
– Yongnuo YN 460 II @ 1/64 bare cam right
– EOS 5D MKII @ 1/160 ISO 800
– EF 50 1.4 @ f/11
– triggered with Yongnuo RF-602