So this is day two and my first day at work in the new year. After we moved into our new headquarter in Düsseldorf last year, we had to finish up our furniture and so we did today. I asked Markus if he had fun to become part of the project and so I tried a classic three light setup for the foreground and a seperate HDR (-2 0 +2) shot for the background. I had to work a lot in Photoshop to fit both into one picture and am not 100% satisfied, but thats whats this project is all about I guess, try, learn and do it again. I have luck, we have enough employees *G*

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– 580 EXII @ 1/4 24mm with 1/4 CTO trough Apollo Westcott Softbox cam left
– 430 EX II @ 1/4 105mm bare cam left
– 430 EX II @ 1/4 105mm bare cam right
– EOS 5D MKII @ 1/160 ISO 500
– EF 50 1.4 @ f/7.1
– triggered with Yongnuo RF-602